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Oil change is a basic service activity allowing engine to retain its performance and increase its durability


During driving oil becomes contaminated therefore it loses its parameters and does not guarantee adequate care of the engine. For that reason it needs to be changed regularly

Periodicity of the change is set by the vehicle manufacturer depending on the properties of oil and characteristics of the engine. Information can be found in the service book of the vehicle. Most modern cars require oil to be changed every 15.000 - 20.000 kilometres or annually. It is also subject to other factors such as oil consumption and driving conditions. During city drive (small distances, often starts and stops) on in top gears the engine operates in extreme conditions so oil should be changed even more often.

As the pace of life has recently increased the change of oil is a perfect solution for hardworking owner and the engine. Our advisors will help you choose the most suitable oil for your car. You can buy it at our service station or bring your own.

Moreover as a part of free check our mechanics will supervise oil level in your car before each repair. If it happens to be too low you will be offered a fill-in, provided a change is not required. No need to remember the date of change of service, you will be reminded with a text message about the next one. You can check the date on the sticker near the oil cap in your car.

To cut the long story short, you can be certain we will do our best to make sure your engine works smoothly and beamishly.


Price list:

Synthetic oil: Castrol Edge 5W30 - 40 PLN/litre - change free of charge

Part-synthetic oil: Castrol Magnatec 10W40 - 30 PLN/litre - change free of charge