16-400 Suwałki
Pułaskiego 123 

tel. 87 567 51 30

We've operated since 2005 and for many years have imported cars from France

All the cars on offer are subject to prior meticulous checks in terms of technique, spray and legality.

All cars sold by our company are:



*with valid MOT certificate


The company provides transportation services across Europe. Feel free to book transport of 9-10 cars. We issue VAT invoices. Lowest rates and full insurance guaranteed.


Considering our customers' needs and our own ambitions we have broadened the scope of our activity and we offer a complex customer service:


Car show




Auto Handel Wigry provides the following services...

repair of cars and delivery trucks of all makes.
wide scope of services offered to our customers enables us to remove nearly any fault in any car.

We specialise in mechanical, spray and bodywork repairs, car air-conditioning services and tyre change.


We buy cars for cash
We also buy cars for cash. We are willing to buy any car and include it in our offer once the price is agreed. We pay cash with no need to wait for a customer to arrive in our second-hand shop.